Medals 2019:
(Playoff A)
2018: 1
HK was one of 7 clubs from Iceland that had teams playing during Fjölnir Cup 2019. They participated with three teams in Girls 15 (2005-2004). Two teams played until Semi final in Playoff A; Girls 15 (2005-2004) 1 lost against Fjölnir/Fylkir by 13-17 and Girls 15 (2005-2004) 3 lost against Molde Håndballklubb 2 by 7-18.

In addition to this, HK have participated in Fjölnir Cup before. During Fjölnir Cup 2018, had two teams playing in Girls 12/13. The team in Girls 12/13 made it to the the Final in Playoff Aand won it over Fet IL by 9-8.

comes from Kópavogur which lies approximately 7 km from Reykjavík, where Fjölnir Cup takes place. Other than HK, the club Fjölnir/Fylkir does also originate from the area around Kópavogur.

19 games played


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